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Bellows Foundation Research Gift

Given by: Marilyn and Wayne Bellows

Purpose: Support Molecular Cardiovascular Research

Graduate Research Fellowship Awards
    2008-2009: Candace Myers
    2009-2010: Candida Bhagwandin, Danielle Buck, and Candace Myers
    2010-2011: Danielle Buck and Jennifer Johnson

Graduate Student Travel Awards
    2008-2009: Stryder Meadows, Chris Pappas, and Matt Salanga
    2009-2010: Carlos Moran, Candace Myers, Eyad Nusayr, Matt Salanga, and Dan Schnurr
    2010-2011: Danielle Buck, Katie Bliss, Laurel McKee, and Sam Whitman
    2012-2013: Katie Bliss

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